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Northboro/Southboro Youth Football & Cheer Association (NSYFCA) provides registration fee scholarships to athletes, who without this financial assistance would not otherwise be able to participate in the program.

NSYFCA financial assistance funds are limited. NSYFCA policy is to evaluate each case on an individualized basis, factoring in all information provided to us relative to the specific financial hardship circumstances. Although we strive to give scholarships to all those in need we need to evaluate the number of scholarship requests, current level of individual and corporate support, and current overall league financial status.

All individuals requesting scholarship assistance must complete this application.


  • Individuals requesting scholarships must make the initial request for financial assistance prior to the season beginning.

  • All applicants must download and complete the Scholarship Application.    The application must be filled out completely and provide a clear picture of need and circumstances relative to need.

  • Scholarship award, amount of award, and the identity of those individuals that apply for financial aid will be considered highly confidential and only those with the need to know shall be so informed.

  • If your award consists of a payment plan or partial payment, the remaining balance must be paid before the Jamboree (mid August) or your child will be dropped from the roster and not be eligible to play for the season.

  • Recipients must agree to the terms of the scholarship agreement and complete requirements before the end of the season.

Requirements and determination of scholarship recipients:



  • Recipients must sign and return scholarship agreement applications and any backup required before the scholarship can be applied.

  • Recipients must agree to support NSYFCA by assisting at a pre-season event (will be notified in advance about different opportunities) and volunteering a minimum of 4 hours per player during the regular season.

  • Recipients agree to sell 15 calendars ($10 each for a total of $150) per player. All unsold calendars will be the recipients responsible to pay for regardless of financial hardship (please keep in mind that calendar sales help fund future scholarships).

Failure to honor these obligations will result in the player being ineligible to apply for a scholarship the following year and will result in an open balance due on the participants account for any item not completed. Furthermore, the inability to fulfill the above requirements will also result in the player/cheerleader being ineligible to be on an All Star Team or Cheer Elite Team.


Priority scholarship will be given to eligible youth meeting one or more of the criteria below:

  • Receiving assistance from programs such as: Snap Benefits, Medicaid, SSI, Foster Care, WIC, qualifying for free or reduced lunch programs, etc. (Written documentation must be provided)

  • Living in a single parent home

  • Multi-child families participating in the program

  • Written recommendations by school representatives, social workers, youth community center worker, or other social services representative

Please note that meeting any one of these items does not automatically qualify someone, but will help prioritize who we can provide a scholarship for.